[★VIDEO] EXID’s Hani gains attention for her helpful nature on “Dream Team”

After making an appearance on the recent episode of KBS2’s Dream Team, EXID’s Hani receives attention for helping staff members.

On the Dream Team episode that aired on January 25th, girl group member Hani made an appearance alongside other celebrities like Sim Kwon Ho, Lee Pani, Noh Yoo Min, and Hyun Jin Young. After the game ended, Hani was seen lending a helping hand to the crew members, and assisted them by picking up the block pieces and resetting them for the next people. Her kind act garnered attention, and had viewers complimenting her on her kind nature.

After rising to popularity with their hit song “Up & Down,” not only have EXID been able to win multiple music shows, but they have also begun making more appearances on shows. The girls were able to make their first appearance on Immortal Song 2, where they performed their own rendition of Jang Deok’s “Do You Like Me, I Like You.” Hani was recently featured in THE STAR‘s recent photo shoot, where she revealed that her members call her a fashion terrorist.


Source: Sports World