EXID’s Hani, Yoon Shi Yoon, And Park Ki Woong Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Romantic Comedy K-Drama

This is going to get spicy. 🔥

EXID’s Hani, Yoon Shi Yoon, and Park Ki Woong have been confirmed to star in the upcoming K-Drama You Raise Me Up [working title].

You Raise Me Up is a romantic comedy series about Do Yong Shik, who has been experiencing decreased sex drive as he enters his 30s. He soon reunites with his first love, Lee Ru Da, who is his urologist. The show will be directed by Kim Jung Han and written by Mo Ji Hye. It will only have a total of eight episodes.

Yoon Shi Yoon | @moa_ent/Instagram

Yoon Shi Yoon will be playing the main role of 31-year-old Do Yong Shik, who is preparing for his civil service examination. While studying for the huge exam, he has gained weight and has needed to be treated by a urologist, who happens to be his first love. A major theme of the series will be Do Yong Shik rebuilding his self-esteem.

Hani | @ahnhani_92/Instagram

EXID’s Hani will be playing the urologist Lee Ru Da. Although she is beautiful and from a wealthy family, she struggles with her overconfident, annoying boyfriend. To get back at him, she begins to brag about how amazing her first love was. However, when she reunites with her first love at the hospital, he is not how she remembers him. In order to not be embarrassed by her boyfriend, she works to help him raise his self-esteem and be the person she remembers.

Park Ki Woong | @oopkwoo/Instagram

Park Ki Woong will be Lee Ru Da’s problematic boyfriend, Do Ji Hyuk, a psychiatrist who runs a counseling center in the same building as Lee Ru Da. He was also from a rich family, is self-employed, and gorgeous, making him truly a man with everything. However, he is much too arrogant about this and develops a special talent for making his girlfriend angry.

The bubbly and sexy story will portray the bright and sexy growth of youth who confidently stand up to become the main characters of love and their lives.

—Studio S

You Raise Me Up recently began filming, and it is set to premiere in summer 2021.

Source: Herald Pop