EXID Hyerin’s new look makes her look like Krystal’s twin

EXID‘s Hyerin has been rocking a unique new hairstyle with EXID’s comeback that is a reminder of f(x)‘s Krystal!

Although Hyerin has had short hair for previous comebacks, fans are especially fond of her new look because of her short bangs and the greenish tint to her hair that make her look like Krystal.

The hairstyle accentuates her pretty forehead and gives the shape of her face a more doll-like appearance. Short bangs are not something that everyone can easily pull off, but Hyerin totally owns it!

Check out more photos of Hyerin’s new look below!

She looks adorable with curled bangs.

Both look like beautiful dolls!

Hyerin’s bangs were straightened for the “Night Rather Than Day” teaser photos.

They look so alike and so beautiful!

She definitely stood out from her fellow members with her quirky hairstyle.