EXID Solji reveals why she wanted to quit being a singer

After EXID‘s breakout with “Up&Down,” member Solji has become one of the most respected vocalists in the industry. And while the singer is seeing a lot of success now as part of the Banana Culture entertainment group, the singer revealed that EXID isn’t her first group. In fact, Solji originally debuted as part of a group called 2NB, which debuted back in 2006. Referring to her past troubles, Solji explained that she almost quit the industry altogether, noting and explained her feelings.

“I felt like a machine and by the time the contract was over I felt very under pressure. I thought to myself that I was aging and that I should maybe quit my life as a singer. I had made around 600,000 Won over the span of 5~6 years”

solji 1

solji 2

She also revealed that she had actually studied to be a consultant for export and import to change the direction of her life and quit becoming a singer