EXID in tears after reading touching letter from their manager at guerrilla fan meeting

Recently, girl group EXID held a guerrilla fan meeting and broadcast it live via V App and began reading letters from fans, including one that came from their own manager, Kim Jae Hyun.

Held on November 21st, LE announced that they had received a letter and upon revealing it came from their manager, a photo of Hani with Kim Jae Hyun appeared on the screen behind them as the group cried out in surprise and teared up immediately.

The letter read:

“The last four years we’ve had a lot of fun and happy times but there were also a lot of hard times and sadness. I’m a bit embarrassed because this is the first time I’ve written a letter to you. From ‘I Feel Good,’ ‘Every Night,’ ‘Goodbye,’ ‘Up & Down,’ ‘Ah Yeah’ and until now with ‘Hot Pink,’ we’ve had a lot of up and downs. We became so busy when ‘Up & Down’ went up the charts that we didn’t have time to sleep or eat and not once were you ever irritated and continued to smile.”

“You said, ‘Oppa, when have we ever had so many activities. Even though it’s hard, we’re happy. We’ll work harder and make your life easier.’ Seeing you work hard, it made me feel very grateful and because of you, I learned a lot.”

“On December 2014, ‘Up & Down’ started going up the charts, 90th, 70th, 30th, seeing your faces whenever the song charted higher, it made me happy. This is a memory I will never forget. For the first time on December 24, 2014, ‘Up & Down’ was #1 on music charts for the first time and on January 2015, ‘Up & Down’ won its first music show program. You cried a lot after you came down from the stage and without known, I cried with you without me realizing it.”

“I met Shinsadong Tiger at a cafe afterwards and he shed tears, I could tell he was happy. At that time, I thought ‘Tiger hyung, team leader Yoon-ssi and Jeon-ssi, there’s a lot of things we have to be grateful for. Even your parents were also optimistic and said, ‘We’ll be successful one day since we always work hard each time,’ and their trust and support have always given us energy.”

“My letter is getting a bit long. Congratulations on your comeback with ‘Hot Pink.’ Don’t get sick during the promotional period and be happy while you work. As we continue to work together in the future, I hope we will continue to enjoy it. Let’s continue making memories together.”

“Finally, it’s the time that I get married. Please help me by arranging some dates for me. I love you.”

“Your manager, Kim Jae Hyun.”

After reading the letter, the members revealed to their audience the hardship that their manager had gone through. Kim Jae Hyun had been their manager since the early days when EXID was originally a six-member group in 2012.

Hani added, “Jae Hyun oppa wasn’t getting paid since the beginning,” saying that she was grateful that he had not left them, “We are grateful for every minute.”


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[+ 353, – 12] Even just reading about it makes me cry ㅠㅠ The friendship between singer and manager

[+ 289, – 7] Wow he’s such a good person

[+ 229, – 7] Their manager is so kind hearted

[+ 211, – 7] They really met a good manager

[+ 169, – 9] I was there and I was so touched and sad

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