EXID’s Hani shows off her Chinese speaking skills on “SNL Korea”

EXID’s Hani surprised viewers on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live Korea by speaking proficient Chinese.

In Chinese, she complained about the bad service and management at the hotel in which she was staying in China: “I am in China’s best hotel and there is very bad service and dirty cleaning habits. This is becoming an issue.” 

This aroused surprise as well as laughter from the audience.

To this, Lee Sang Hoon was very confused at the sudden change in language. He replied in Korean with “Is that really Chinese?” while continuing to express disbelief.

Hani replied, “Do you really know how to speak Chinese?”

Still looking confused, Sang Hoon said, “Please don’t swear,” causing laughter from the audience.

He ended with “Are you really a Korean person?” to which Hani began playfully chopping at his neck while saying, “Do it properly. Do it properly.”


Check out the short clip from the episode below!

Source: TV Report.