EXO’s Kai Being All Alone During The Blue Dragon Series Awards Is Just So Relatable For Introverts

Man of solitude.

EXO‘s Kai recently won the Best New Male Entertainer (Variety) award at the Blue Dragon Series Awards. He made a splash when he entered the variety industry, appearing in shows such as New World and Honeymoon Tavern.

While he shone on stage as he received the award…

…what went on offstage was quite the opposite. Although Kai is loved by many, he can be quite an introvert. The Blue Dragon Series Awards were also attended by actors mostly, meaning that his idol friends were not present. Koreans found his “lonely island” stance during waiting periods amusing and relatable.

While actors around him are buzzing with each other, Kai remains quietly by himself. Of course, Kai is close with his own set of idol friends such as BTS‘s Jimin and Ha Sung Woon. Unfortunately, none of his mates were in attendance.

Ha…f*ck LOL. Solitary Jonginnie.

— @mdntnmttr

The clip soon went viral with over 177,000 views. Kai himself caught wind of the moment and quickly responded on Dear. U Bubble.

| Dear. U Bubble

I’m the only one without friends. But I couldn’t muster the courage to speak to people first.

— Kai

Netizens found the moment adorable and relatable.

| theqoo
  • “Cute LOL”
  • “So funny LOL. I’m the only one without friends.”
  • “I can feel his sincerity through the Bubble.”
  • “His Bubble is so cute.I’m the only one without friends., LOL”
  • “It seems like a message sent by a friend during the new semester after moving up a grade and everyone is separated.”
  • “LOL he’s close to the idols I stan and I can see why. Cute”
  • “Ahhh cute”

Every introvert can probably relate to Kai in that moment. Congratulations to the star once more on his award!

Source: theqoo