EXO’s Kai Drives Netizens Wild With His Unreal Visuals At Yves Saint Laurent Event In Paris

He also has fans jealous of his gorgeous nail polish!

EXO‘s Kai once again proved to be a total showstopper as he gained attention for his unreal visuals at a recent appearance in Paris.

Kai | @smtown/Instagram

Along with K-Pop idols such as Stray KidsFelix and Hyunjin, Kai was invited to the launch event of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume “Libre.”

Kai has been modeling for YSL Beauty, the luxury brand’s cosmetics company, for some time, so his presence at the perfume’s launch comes as no surprise. His arrival in Paris, however, did almost catch fans by surprise as he flew there with no prior notice. And yet, fans still managed to be there to welcome him!

In fact, the uproar that Kai’s arrival caused reminded netizens of another visit he made to Paris…proving that his visits to the city will always be legendary.

Fans who were able to see him up close were in awe of his visuals IRL…

…though no one could have prepared for the looks he then served at the launch. In a devastating Bubble update, Kai showed off his sleek black fit for the event, leaving EXO-Ls everywhere absolutely shook.

| Bubble via @SKYfiles_/Twitter

Kai is famously known for his affinity for fashion, so it’s no wonder that, with his visuals and his model walk, he looked like the main character.

Fan reactions to his appearance were golden, starting with the excited welcomeback of this sleek, dark-haired Kai.

His entire ensemble gained attention, down to his gorgeous black manicure.

In fact, his Instagram update gave fans a good look at his elegant black nail polish…

| @zkdlin/Instagram

…which many fans particularly praised.

Fancams of him at the launch event also had EXO-Ls swooning over his unreal and prince-like visuals.

Which, of course, only served to further prove that he was the true main event in Paris.

This Kai is definitely one for the history books!