EXO’s Makeup Artist Gets Criticized For Messing Up Kai’s Eyebrows

“…even I’d do a better job.”

BitAndBoot is known to be the longtime salon where the members of EXO have been styled at over the years. They have always done a stellar job of making the members look amazing and the relationship between the stylists and the stars is close-knit. The members have been known to make special appearances on the salon’s YouTube channel even, to help promote it.

For the first time in years, EXO fans have expressed dissatisfaction towards the makeup artist working on Kai. In a recent vlog, fans noticed that his eyebrows were looking patchy, with empty spots towards the tail. Fans closed in on the shot and realized that the artist had been adjusting that portion a few times to no avail.

It was a whole mystery to me so I tried to zoom in and I couldn’t help but laugh emptily. What are they doing to Kai’s brows? The finished product is so patchy. Is this a ruin-your-brows challenge?

— @sw88tkai

Although it didn’t look that bad in the vlog thanks to the smooth filter applied to the video…

Kai in his vlog. | SM Entertainment

…in full sunlight, it was a different story. Fans complained that his brows looked uneven, patchy and weirdly shaped.

| theqoo

Some even commented that his fresh-out-of-the-shower face looked better than in makeup.

Kai on Instagram live after a shower. | @zkdlin/Instagram

The brows drew much ire online.

Netizen reactions to his brows. | theqoo
  • “They’re so bad at it. Who’s that makeup artist?”
  • “No but even regular folks know how to fill in their brows following the grain of the hair…how are they doing it like that…? Don’t they get paid a few hundred each time? They also get extra for being on set.”
  • “What’s going on…Why are such tacky shops a dime a dozen these days?”
  • “Ah, why is she touching his face when she’s drawing the brows?”
  • “I take around 10 minutes just for my brows but I really think even I’d do a better job.”

This is not the first time in recent weeks that K-Pop makeup artists have been called out. IVE Jang Wonyoung‘s makeup artist was also recently criticized.

Netizens Criticize The Hair And Makeup Styling Of The IVE Members, And The Shop Owner Responds In Recent Broadcast

Source: theqoo