EXO’s Kai And “Squid Game” Star Lee Jung Jae Wore The Same Sweater But Served Totally Different Vibes

They’re both so handsome and fashionable!

EXO‘s Kai and Squid Game‘s Lee Jung Jae are both super handsome, talented, and fashionable kings!

EXO’s Kai and actor Lee Jung Jae | @n_leviana/Twitter and @from_jjlee/Instagram

Both Kai and Lee Jung Jae are legends in their fields. As all K-Pop fans know, Kai is known for his incredible dance skills, charismatic stage presence, lovely voice, and super sweet personality.


He recently released his solo mini album Peaches, and it’s a masterpiece!

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Lee Jung Jae started his career as a model and made his acting debut in 1993. He’s been acting ever since, and he’s been a household name in South Korea for years.

| @from_jjlee/Instagram

Lee Jung Jae became even more famous and won tons of global fans’ hearts after the release of Squid Game this September. He played the main character, Seong Gi Hun.

| Netflix

Both of these men are superstars, and they are both global brand ambassadors for the Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci. Kai even had his very own Gucci collection called KAIxGUCCI!

| @zkdlin/Instagram

Kai participated in photoshoots for Gucci’s new Aria collection.

| @zkdlin/Instagram

His photoshoot had a very wintry vibe, and he posed in the snow with white horses.

In one of the photos, he’s shown in a yellow cable-knit sweater with detachable sleeves. The sweater costs $1,450.

| Gucci

Kai wore the sweater with $950 stretchy velvet shorts and $1,980 knee-high boots. He finished the look off with a $3,750 visor and $2,300 jumbo tote bag.  All in all, his outfit costs $10,430.

| @gucci/Instagram

Kai served major winter wonderland and equestrian vibes in this look! He looked ready to go for a ride with his horse in the snow. Of course, while he rocked this wintry and sporty look, he was just as handsome as ever. He also wore the same sweater a bit later during a photoshoot for W Korea.

| @hyeawonkang/Instagram

This time Kai served total boyfriend vibes! The moody lighting gave the look an air of mystery, and his tousled hair gave him a sexier edge than he had in the Gucci pictorial. Although he served different vibes in each set of photos, Kai looked amazing each time!

| @zkdlin/Instagram

Lee Jung Jae wore the same yellow sweater in a photoshoot for GQ Korea. He was chosen as the magazine’s Man of the Year for 2021.

| @from_jjlee/Instagram

Lee Jung Jae posed outside in the sweater. He wore the sweater over what appeared to be baggy shorts or pants, and he finished the look off with a chunky necklace.

| GQ Korea

Lee Jung Jae served comfy, cozy vibes in the chunky sweater. His bright smile made him look as if he were spending a fun day outdoors, and he looked super handsome. His natural pose showed that he definitely still has a talent for modeling!

| GQ Korea

Although Kai and Lee Jung Jae served different vibes in their Gucci sweaters, they both looked very handsome!

Same Fit, Different Vibes