EXO Lay Reveals He Lost 99 Self-Composed Tracks Due To His Irresponsibility For His USB

In anticipation of EXO‘s upcoming album EX’ACT, Lay held a special “Brunch with LAY” live broadcast with fans where he relayed to them something shocking.

Aired on June 7th at 3pm KST, Lay met with his fans through the Naver V Live+ streaming. During the broadcast, he revealed to fans that he had been writing his own songs lately.

He adds, “I’m not very good at managing my USBs safely, so I lost 99 tracks,” revealing that he had wanted to create 100 tracks in order to appeal to Lee Soo Man to include them in one of the group’s albums. After losing all of his work, Lay admitted to almost giving up but gained strength to write songs again.

Look out for EXO’s 3rd studio album EX’ACT to be released on June 9th!

Source: Sports Seoul