EXO-Ls outraged at MC for questioning Lay’s loyalty to EXO

EXO-L’s have expressed their outrage at a question directed towards Lay during EXO‘s press conference for EXODUS. 

The group had held a press conference at SMTOWN Coex Artium to commemorate the release of their 2nd studio album EXODUS on March 30th with former KBS announcer Oh Jung Yeon acting as the MC.

Unfortunately, Lay wasn’t present at the conference due to his conflicting schedule in China for his upcoming Chinese movie Oh My God. Instead, his EXO mascot took his place in the group pictures, while Lay himself joined through a video call.

In an attempt to joke with EXO during the conference, Oh Jung Yeon playfully asked Lay, “You’re going to come back, right?” to which the EXO member replied, “Of course I’m going to return. There’s EXO.

The MC then wished his well return, “I hope you return for sure rather than stay in China.”

However, EXO-L did not take the MC’s jest so lightly as it hit a sore point with them, considering the loss of Luhan and Kris, two of EXO’s Chinese members, in the past year.

As the negative responses continued to pour in, a representative from the conference stated, “While trying to express her interest in EXO, announcer Oh Jung Yeon ended up saying something like that.”

Despite the statement, netizens have continued to critize the reporter for what many of them call her “inappropriate” and “thoughtless” question.

Source: Herald Pop