EXO’s D.O. Is So Popular In Nepal, He Was Spotted In A Local Music Video 

His popularity knows no bounds!

EXO’s popularity in Asia knows no bounds and it seems like D.O. may have found himself represented in a music video in Nepal!


A music video titled “Timro Hamro Maya” was released last year as the official sound track for the movie, Birangana. Eagle-eyed fans, however, noticed how all of the back-up dancers seem to be wearing EXO merchandise! Specifically D.O.’s shirt! 


Fans were eager of the unexpected feature that they have flocked to official video link to put in their comments, many of which seem to think that the director might be a secret D.O. stan after all. 


It seems that such little trivia was all fans could talk about online with no response from D.O. as of yet. Catch the full music video below to see what we mean: