EXO releases details for “EXODUS” featuring tracks composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun and more

As EXO prepares for their big return next month, the full tracklist and more details for their second album EXODUS have been released.

Previously revealing the multiple individual teaser videos, EXO had also announced that they will have 20 versions of their upcoming album, EXODUS. Nearing their comeback date, EXO continues to tease fans, releasing the titles of the ten tracks on their album.

Their title song, “Call Me Baby,” consists of addicting hooks and melodies with passionate lyrics. Meanwhile, their track “Transformer” is a powerful track with drum and bass in the background which was composed in a collaboration with Stereotypes and Kenzie.

Getting on the softer side, “What If” was written by The Underdogs and contains an R&B ballad style of music, while “Playboy” revolves around a story of a chic, playboy, composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun.

EXO also demonstrates two types of girls with two different tracks from EXODUS. Showing their sweet and sincere personalities, EXO reveals their next track title, “My Answer,” where the members sing about confessions to a girl. However, in “Exodus,” the members sing of a man who hopes to escape from a woman with fatal beauty.

Finally, giving the fans what they have been waiting for for 2 years, EXO will be revealing the tracks “El Dorado” and “Beautiful,” which were first introduced in the group’s debut teaser videos. Becoming deep and dark, “Hurt” EXO opens a world of dreaminess mixed with strength and emotion. Closing it off, they complete the album with the slow R&B track, “Lady Luck.”

EXODUS will be released on March 30th.

Source: News1