EXO Reveals Whose Personality Has Changed The Most Since Debut

EXO sat down with Section TV to reveal the most dramatic changes within their 7 years since debut.

During their special visit to Dubai, EXO had multiple exclusive interviews with Korean media. On One such occasion, they discussed how the members have changed since they first debuted. They first voted on who changed the least, and everyone pointed at Suho!

“He has a clean image of a straight-A student. He’s had that image since he first set foot in the company until now. I think he’s the best in that sense.” — Chen


Baekhyun and Chanyeol agreed that it’s what makes him the best leader.

“Honestly, Suho and I didn’t get along very well when we were trainees. But over time, he’s become the person I go to whenever I have a problem or concern. His steadfast image allowed me to depend on him more.” — Chanyeol


Next, the boys voted on the member that changed the most, and many pointed straight at Sehun.

The members pointed out that Sehun became a man over the 7 years as he shed the baby fat he carried around when they first debuted.


They couldn’t stop complaining about how Sehun’s become a man in other ways too.

“He used to be scared to make eye contact with me but now…” — Suho

“He’s grown up a lot. Before, he used to cry if we said something. He used to be shorter than me but now he’s so tall.” — Chanyeol


At the end of the day, Sehun thanks his brothers for raising him well.

“I became a better person thanks to my hyungs.” — Sehun

Source: Biz Enter