EXO Suho’s Visuals At The BIFF Were So Stunning You’ll Be More Convinced Than Ever He’s A Real-Life Prince

Move over Prince Charming, Suho is here!

As the incredibly talented, kind, sweet, and handsome person EXO‘s Suho is, it’s certainly not hard to imagine him as the prince charming of your dreams. When he stepped foot on the red carpet at the 24th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), however, he stepped out of all our dreams and into reality!


On September 3, Suho attended the red carpet event and opening ceremony for the 24th Busan Internation Film Festival and not only had everyone melting with his sweet interactions, but with his outstanding visuals.


Although Suho always has an incredibly princely quality even in a plain t-shirt and jeans, dressed in a tuxedo for the festival, Suho’s princely visuals went to a whole other level!


Fans were 100% convinced Suho was going full CEO…




Or prince with his elegant and classy visuals!


With every wave and smile, he swiftly stole everyone’s heart…


And as he continued to display his incredibly sweet charms throughout the event, everyone was seriously feeling the effects.


That princely aura was made even stronger as he made his entrance as the Ambassador of the Macau International Film Festival!


As photos and videos from the event began making their way online, nobody could stop themselves from swooning over Suho and pretty soon everyone was falling in love with this real-life prince charming!