Photos From EXO Xiumin’s Military Training Life Revealed

It seems that he is eating well and doing well!

The military life community app, The Camp, has recently shared photos of EXO‘s Xiumin, who is currently receiving his basic military training.


In the video that was revealed, Xiumin can be seen with his military cut wearing the Korean military uniform and a huge smile on his face.


It seemed like he was doing an amazing job without any trace of difficulty, even during the march at night.


He was also included in a group photo among his fellow soldiers at the training center.


Fans were glad to see that Xiumin seems to be eating and doing well since his enlistment.


In fact, some fans are so interested in what Xiumin is eating every day that there is a Twitter account solely dedicated to uploading posts about his daily meals!


Meanwhile, Xiumin, who enlisted on May 7th, is expected to be discharged on December 6, 2020. Check out more photos of Xiumin in the military below!

Source: Dispatch