[★VIDEO] EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun to test their parenting skills on “Return of Superman”

Ever since it was announced that EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun will be guesting on Return of Superman, fans have been dying to see how the two will fare as daddies!

On the May 17th broadcast of Return of Superman, a preview was released for the May 24th episode featuring Chanyeol and Baekhyun interacting with Lee Hwi Jae’s twin boys Seo Eun and Seo Jun.

In the clip, Baekhyun can be seen playing with one of the twins, teaching him how to make a heart sign while saying “I love you.” Meanwhile, Chanyeol can be seen holding hands with Seo Jun, teaching him to raise his hand while crossing the streets.

Check out the adorable preview below!