EXO’s D.O chosen as the best actor among idols

After making a successful comeback, EXO took a chance to sit down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview where they discussed D.O‘s acting and variety show We Got Married.

On March 4th, Entertainment Weekly aired their interview with EXO where they discussed their recent comeback with “Call Me Baby” and other topics.

At one point the reporter states that experts chose D.O #1 in terms of acting skills among idols. D.O. previously acted in drama It’s Okay, That’s Love and movie Cart with other notable actors and actresses. Shocked by his statement D.O. couldn’t help but smile in disbelief.

The members commented, “We haven’t seen D.O. smile this much in a long time,” while D.O. humbly replied, “That is a generous compliment, but I will continue to work harder.”

While on a side note member Suho mentioned wanting to appear on We Got Married.

Meanwhile, the boys have returned to the stage once again, and have been busily promoting their title track “Call Me Baby,” released in both Korean and Mandarin. Not long after their comeback, album sales for EXODUS quickly managed to surpass half a million. Fuse also named EXO’s “Call Me Baby” as one of March’s top released tracks.

Watch their interview below!

Source: TV Report