EXO’s Kai writes emotional letter to fans after 6 months of silence

Recently, EXO’s Kai uploaded a letter to his fans on a fan site for the first time 6 months.

Many EXO-Ls’ unhappiness with Kai’s lack of communication and appearance has finally been sated with his emotional letter to fans for the first time in 6 months.

Recently Kai has been involved in multiple stories starting from his injuries to his recent dating news with Krystal of f(x).

However, after 6 months of silence, Kai recently uploaded an emotional letter to his fans about how happy he was to be back on stage and dancing again.

Checkout the full translation of his letter to fans below

Hello this is EXO’s Kai.

I missed you all. You have no idea.

I wanted to see you guys a bit more after the concert so I came right to FromEXO. 

Have you heard the news? I started to dance again. I don’t think any other words would make me more happy today.

I was so nervous and my legs were shaking before going onstage, but after seeing you guys in the audience I felt just extremely happy. I felt like I had during my debut.

After I came down from the stage, I remembered all those days of rehabilitation for this day. I am also thankful towards my members and EXO-L for being a great source of support. I really wanted to tell you guys that I am thankful.

I can’t join all performances yet, but I’ll be onstage for other shows soon.

I realized the importance of being onstage, and I will now try very hard to be your source of support.

The long Summer has passed and Autumn has arrived with the winds. I wish that you all are colored with happiness like the mountains with autumn leaves. 

I really love you, EXO-L.

P.S. Now I’ll come back here until you guys are tired of me.