EXO’s Lay reported to have fainted due to exhaustion

Fans are concerned after it was revealed that EXO member Lay recently took a trip to the hospital after fainting during a filming in China.

Initially, Chinese media reported on May 8th that the EXO member had fainted due to food poisoning, however, later reports clarified that it was not due to food poisoning but because of exhaustion.

According to Sina on the 9th, Lay had been filming for the program Go Fighting when he collapsed. The show’s official released a statement saying, “To be honest Lay has been extremely exhausted. During filming he was doing both drama filming and concert, and his public duty and presentations took a toll on him as well. When he arrived in Hainan the day before shooting he ate a little bit of something and felt unwell. The morning after he felt like he couldn’t handle it anymore.”

He stayed at the hospital getting IV for around half of the day but was adamant to shoot so joined the shooting from the afternoon.

Following the reports of Lay fainting, fans showed their support and concern for him, leaving comments such as, “Your health is the most important,” “My heart hurts as a fan” and “These days, he seems really busy. I hope he rests a bit.”

Last year, Lay founded his private studio and began his activities in full in China including dramas, films and more.

Source: TV Report