Famous Stylist Han Hye Yeon Chooses Her Best Celebrity Stylings Throughout Her Whole Career

She’s created legendary looks with the most famous celebrities!

Han Hye Yeon, one of the most famous stylists in Korea appeared on Knowing Bros where she opened up about all the top celebrities she’s worked for during her career.

The cast couldn’t help but ask… Out of the many works she’s done with top celebrities, which stylings does she consider some of her best work?

From all the works she’s done in her long career, the first work that came to mind was her styling for actress Gong Hyo Jin in a commercial.

The ad’s theme was inspired by artist Edward Hopper. Han Hye Yeon took the theme and created outfits for Gong Hyo Jin, but her outfits became a hot sensation as everyone wanted to know what she was wearing!

Gong Hyo Jin came out in a commercial for an ad. The commercial was inspired by the artist Edward Hopper.

The company got so many customers asking where Gong Hyo Jin got her outfits. They wanted to know what brand she was wearing from head to toe.

It became a hot issue and a successful marketing project.

— Han Hye Yeon

Han Hye Yeon’s second mention was her recently famed work with cartoonist Kian84. Han Hye Yeon took Kian, who is well known for his messy and unkempt look, and created a stunning photoshoot that showed off his attractive potential!

Ever since she met Kian84 on I Live Alone, she felt challenged to create a new image for him. His magazine spread sold out within minutes thanks to Han Hye Jin’s hard work!

Kian is well known for his weird image, and I wanted to do something completely different with him. I wanted to make him look more handsome than idols, and it turned out successful.

— Han Hye Yeon

Lastly, she brought up her previous work with Lee Hyori! They worked together years ago for a magazine spread featuring a line of luxury jewelry.

Instead of taking the usual route of luxurious styling for the jewelries, Han Hye Yeon decided to dress Lee Hyori in punk outfits to accentuate the diversity of the jewelry brand.

I once worked with Lee Hyori on a photoshoot for a jewelry brand. We cut up her shirts and made her look more tough, while wearing luxurious jewelry.

The mix match made the jewelry stand out as well as her clothes.

— Han Hye Yeon

Han Hye Yeon’s talents are well known among top celebrities. She’s worked with some of the most famous celebrities in Korea numbers of time, but her down-to-Earth and spunky personality made her become best friends with the likes of Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji Min, and more!

These three are just a few of the many famous works by Han Hye Yeon, and everyone’s wondering which famous celebrity will be her next muse for 2020!