“Fan” Attacks GOT7 BamBam’s Mother On Twitter, iGOT7’s Are Understandably Angry

Ahgases weren’t having any of it!

Every IGOT7 knows that GOT7 and their families are close, so fans celebrate when the families get to spend time with their famous sons and feel their heartbreak when they miss out on seeing them. Which makes it even more shocking that someone who identifies themself as a fan attacked BamBam‘s mother on Twitter!


It all started with a simple tweet that BamBam’s mother, Kochakorn Bhuwakul put out asking why things were different with her family.


Fans immediately knew that Mama B was sad about missing out on the opportunity to visit with BamBam during the group’s concert in Thailand.


And many, many Ahgases poured out their love for her while also wishing that there was something that they could do to help.


Although everyone was incredibly supportive of BamBam’s mom, there was one person who wasn’t. In fact, they were so unsupportive they started attacking her!


Mama B saw the tweet and responded with her own, asking the person to not blame her for wanting to see her son.


Unfortunately, her response seemed to further infuriate the so-called fan and they released a string of aggressive tweets.


Ahgases soon noticed the angry and hurtful tirade and started their own battle with the attacker.


But the “fan” soon lashed back at each IGOT7 who tried to defend Mama B.


The tweets soon turned to an all-out war between the online troll and other fans.


Despite every negative comment thrown their way Ahgases persisted with one goal in mind, to shut down the person and protect BamBam’s mom!


And when it appeared that the online troll had finally decided to stop picking on everyone, fans poured out their love to Mama B.


With all that love hopefully, Mama Bhuwakul now knows that everyone truly cares about her and will always be fully supporting her and the boys!