Fans Call On SM Entertainment To Stop Disrespecting Chinese Idols

New merchandise depicted WayV’s WinWin kneeling.

SM Entertainment recently released new WayV, the China-based unit of NCT, merchandise, including a “Kick Back” M/V Scene Kit.

The product is essentially a diorama of one of the scenes from WayV’s “Kick Back” music video. Fans noticed that all the members are standing except for WinWin who appears to be kneeling. Kneeling is of great significance in Chinese culture as they rarely kneel. The exceptions include kneeling before gods, ancestors, or when desperate, such as begging mercy when threatened, etc.


As a result, fans are bringing attention to this issue. They call on the company to better educate themselves and respect their idols’ culture.

Fans have been mass-emailing and trending #SMStopTheDisrespect on Twitter, hoping to bring about change. Additionally, they have requested that the product be removed from all platforms. If any M/V Scene Kits that depict WinWin kneeling have already been sold, they demand that they be recalled, and customers be refunded.

SM Entertainment has seemingly removed the product from their online store as requested. However, no official statement has been released in regards to the issue.

Source: Image (1) and (2) and SMTOWN &STORE