This may be the sexiest moment of AOA Choa caught on camera

AOA is full of talented beautiful young ladies but recently, their member Choa has once again impressed fans with her display of goddess level sexiness.

These photos of Choa performing on stage has been circulating on many online communities and fans and non fans alike have been impressed by her amazing body as well as her undeniable charm.

choa 1
Making some sexy eye contact with the camera

choa 2
That cute smile never fails to make my heart flutter

choa 3
A little bit of cuteness showing through her sexiness

choa 5
Nothing can hide her voluptuous body

choa 8
Giving them a taste of her gorgeous legs

choa 7
There is only one Choa

choa 6
Eyes that could make men turn to stone

chao 8
Add a little bit of aegyo

choa 10
Perfection incarnate..