Fans Claim Thailand’s Television Commercials Have Been Plagiarizing K-Pop Groups

Netizens are listing down the number of times Korean artists and their music are being plagiarized in a number of commercial advertising in Thailand. 

Recently, a number of videos have been circulating online calling out advertisers in Thailand to stop using plagiarized background music for their products.

For instance, a bath brand Shokubutsu Monogatari aired a promotional video featuring of their leading stars, Yaya, with a background music that almost resembled Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart.”

As the video was spread and heavily discussed online, it was later on discovered to have been reported and has since been removed by the user. The speculations, however, branched to other incidences where the same tactic was used.

Other promotional videos that were speculated to have used a plagiarised background music included Amber’s “Shake The Brass” and Crayon Pop’s Uh-Ee.”

Can you spot the similarities?