Fans are in discussion towards the real reason behind Nam Taehyun’s hiatus

A number of speculations have been surfacing after YG Entertainment announced the indefinite suspension of WINNER’s comeback due to Taehyun’s mental health condition. 

A day after the statement was released, Korean media outlet TVReport relayed the sentiment that some fans did not believe that Taehyun’s mental health condition was the main reason for his hiatus. The speculations started over YG Entertainment’s statement that his hiatus was “caused by psychological reasons” in light of accounts that Taehyun had previously uttered the words  “I was abandoned anyway.”

According to the evidence highlighted by the fans, Taehyun has been more active with individual activities lately and is reportedly not riding with his fellow WINNER members in their dormitory. It was also pointed out that WINNER has been captured a number of times on SNS but without Taehyun.

Meanwhile, fans also discovered that he has remained active on his personal SNS account and music distribution platform SoundCloud during WINNER’s hiatus period. One of the lyrics from his self-produced tracks “Who Cares” has been theorized to be about a separation between him and a significant part of his life. This “evidence” has led fans to believe that there may be more than meets they eye when it comes to Taehyun’s hiatus and WINNER’s delayed comeback.

On October 12th, YG Entertainment announced that they have indefinitely postponed WINNER’s comeback to focus on Taehyun’s recovery. With Taehyun being one of the main vocalist of the group and an unspecified timeframe of his recovery, they have ultimately decided to halt WINNER’s activities as well. The agency has known about his condition since he was training, but he recently conveyed that he would be unable to cope with his current conditions while attending activities.

Source: TVReport