Fans Flood A.C.E With Support After Their Meet And Greet Was Suddenly Cancelled

The meet and greet was scheduled for that same day.

Earlier today, A.C.E‘s company BEAT Interactive released an unexpected statement regarding their K:CONTACT 3 meet and greet event, scheduled for later the same day.

| BEAT Interactive

Hello, this is BEAT Interactive. The KCON:TACT 3 Meet & Greet, which was scheduled to take place on March 26, has been cancelled due to the artist’s personal reasons. We’ll be discussing the cancelled program with the hosting company and keeping you updated on what we decide. We apologize to the fans who looked forward to the event. Thank you.

–BEAT Interactive via Twitter

The announcement, posted at 12:41 AM KST, raised some concern among fans: not only was it posted at a surprising time, it is also quite vague, simply stating “personal reasons” as explanation for the cancellation.

Due to these concerns, their fans, CHOICE, took to Twitter to send them words of support by using the hashtag #ChoiceWillStandByACE.

Their response was overwhelmingly positive, even though they must be quite upset and confused about the cancellation.

Some fans are also using this as an opportunity to remember good times they’ve spent with the group and their favorite videos!

While many fans are hoping that BEAT Interactive will release further clarification, they are making sure the group knows that they have their fans’ support for this sudden decision.

You can find the original statement and tweet below.

Source: Twitter