Fans Furious With Yang Hyun Suk’s Horrid Treatment Towards BIGBANG’s Seungri During His Concert Tour

Yang Hyun Suk treated him like he was nothing.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri has been touring Asia for his solo concert “The Great Seungri”, with Sandara Park as his most recent special guest for his Hong Kong stop, but fans are currently up in arms over how poorly he has been treated during his tour.


During his stop in the Hong Kong, he revealed that Yang Hyun Suk called him prior to his concert, asking him what he was doing. Seungri’s own boss didn’t even remember that he had a concert that day.

Furthermore, Yang Hyun Suk asked Seungri whether he needed back-up dancers or not. Back-up dancers are a must for any solo concert, especially when the artist has dance tracks, so of course Seungri said he needed them. But Yang Hyun Suk said he can just do it alone, since he’s Seungri.


To make matters worse, almost all of Seungri’s back-up dancers ended up performing with BLACKPINK for their concert in Thailand, leaving only 2 back-up dancers for Seungri’s entire show (Note, this is not BLACKPINK’s fault in any way).


Another issue that many of Seungri’s fans have is the complete lack of promotion and advertisement for his concert tour.

Fans have detailed how YG Entertainment has made zero effort in promoting his concert, specifically in the Philippines, and revealed that much of the promotion was done by VIP’s themselves.


VIP’s around the world are rightfully pissed at Yang Hyun Suk, and are not afraid to voice their opinions on his favoritism.