Fans Outraged At Kwon Jung Yeol After Alleged Inappropriate Comment Towards MAMAMOO Wheein

Kwon Jung Yeol has become embroiled in a controversy after making a sexual remark towards MAMAMOO‘s Wheein recently during 10cm‘s concert.

10cm held a concert on June 12th at the Yes24 Luv Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, and invited MAMAMOO’s Wheein as a guest. Fans were excited to hear a collaboration between the popular indie band and the talented girl group member. However, a comment made by 10cm member Kwon Jung Yeol has come under scrutiny after many deemed his remark inappropriate.

Coming on stage, Wheein sat on one of the chairs on stage and asked for a blanket in order to cover her legs due to the length of her dark navy skirt while sitting down. A staff member is seen handing her a blanket per her request. In a video that’s been going viral, Kwon Jung Yeol is heard making a joke saying, “That’s discourteous towards the males in the audience.”

However, netizens have shown conflicting reactions to his comment with some regarding it as an inappropriate and sexual remark while others took it as a joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Source: Herald Corp