Fans Rave About Baekhyun’s Body After Seeing The Results Of His Workouts 

Same shirt, different body.

It seems that EXO’s Baekhyun cannot shake eagle-eyed fans keen on watching his weight. 


Just a few weeks ago, many were concerned of sudden weight loss. 

Fans Are Concerned For Baekhyun’s Health After Seeing His Latest Photos 


However, it may appear to simply be a work in progress especially as recent photos suggested that Baekhyun has been hitting the gym. 


Take a look at these before and after photos of him wearing the same shirt!


The muscles are definitely showing, not too obvious but definitely a change from his last appearance.



His shoulders seem broader, his arms more defined…


The way he has been hitting the gym, many are wondering if fellow member Chanyeol has some influence over him. 

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Whatever the bodyshape, you do you, Baekhyun!

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