Fans Shocked At Sunmi’s Revealing Underwater Selfie

Sunmi updated her Instagram with a stunning picture of herself underwater, and it’s got fans buzzing!

Sunmi updated her Instagram with photos of herself wearing a bikini and playing in the pool with her friend.

The caption read “ You who left me❤️🌹🌹👏🏼👏🏼💍💍”, as it appears Sunmi was celebrating the marriage of a good friend.

In the posted photos we see that Sunmi is enjoying herself at a luxurious indoor pool with pink inflatable flamingos.

But the most talked-about image was of herself underwater in a floral pink bikini.

The photos are receiving mixed reviews from netizens. Some are less than enthusiastic about her photos…

  • “The photo is cringeworthy but it makes me laugh thinking about how the photo was taken.”
  • “Honestly…Sunmi…Is this supposed to be shocking? I can’t tell;;”
  • “So what”

While some are more than impressed with her mermaid-like beauty!

  • “You’re like a real mermaid.”
  • “Like a mermaid. So pretty.”
  • “It’s so pretty! Sunmi unnie, it’s as if you’re in a fairy tale and you’re a real-life princess.”

Sunmi once again proves her beauty in stunning photos at the pool!

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