Fans Show Heartwarming Support For THE BOYZ’s Eric After He Tests Positive For COVID-19

Get well soon. Eric!

THE BOYZ‘s Eric was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19 on the morning of January 24, and since then fans have come together to express their support for him. This comes shortly after THE BOYZ performed at the 31st Seoul Music Awards, which took place on January 23 and where the group won an award.

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Fans were notified through a statement released by the group’s agency, IST Entertainment, which explained that Eric had tested positive after he was informed that an acquaintance of the friend he went to dinner with had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

We would like to inform you that our artist, Eric of THE BOYZ, has been diagnosed with COVID-19. On the 20th, after completing his third vaccination, THE BOYZ member Eric received a call that an acquaintance of the friend he had dinner with was confirmed to have COVID-19, and he preemptively completed a PCR test on the morning of the 21st and tested negative. After testing negative he showed no symptoms, but he was quarantined until the 21st, and after confirming he was negative with a self-diagnosis kit on the 22nd, he joined [THE BOYZ’s] schedule again. He was tested once more, and was notified of a positive result on January 24th. Immediately after hearing the news of Eric’s positive test result this morning, THE BOYZ and the staff all underwent a COVID-19 test. We are currently awaiting the results. In addition, we immediately notified the organizers of the schedule held last weekend. As soon as the test results are released, we will make another announcement. THE BOYZ’s official schedule will be adjusted later, and changes to the schedule will be announced through the official website. We apologize for causing concern, and we are currently taking the necessary measures in accordance with the guidelines set by the health authorities. We will do our best to ensure the health and safety of our artists by complying with the quarantine guidelines of the health authorities as a top priority.

Thank you.

— IST Entertainment

Upon hearing the news, fans took to social media to express their concern for Eric…

…with one fan even touchingly volunteering to send positive messages from others to him!

Fans also made sure to communicate their concern and their well-wishes for the other members of THE BOYZ and for their staff, who are all being tested.

While Eric’s positive test result is extremely concerning, fans are also doing their best to be positive and supportive, pointing out that Eric has already had his booster shot and is therefore less likely to suffer the most serious symptoms.

We wish Eric a speedy recovery and we hope for the best for the other members of THE BOYZ and their staff!


Source: Naver