Fans Are Stunned To Learn About The “MAMAMOO Forest” In Jeonju City

A pleasant blast from the past!

MAMAMOO fans recently got a shocking surprise when they discovered that there exists something called the “MAMAMOO forest” in South Korea.

A fan account on Twitter posted about it on September 12, KST, and that’s when most international MooMoos realized that they had been completely oblivious of this fact for six years!

Yes, it was six years ago when the “MAMAMOO Forest” was planted by 348 MooMoos in Jeonju. These fans came together to celebrate MAMAMOO’s second anniversary and planted trees on February 29, 2016, across a vast area in the Interchange Family Park in Deokjin-gu.

| Naver

The location of the forest is a meaningful choice since Jeonju is the place where Hwasa and Whee In spent their childhood, dreaming of becoming artists together. The fans also created the forest in the shape of a star, hoping that their favorite artists would soon get to become stars themselves.

A mural of Whee In and Hwasa in Jeonju | @mam_ori_/Twitter

The park contains trees named after the individual MAMAMOO members, as well as a tree named after MooMoos.

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Though many fans seem to be discovering this place just now, it looks like MAMAMOO already know about this project. Whee In even posted a picture at this park on the group’s fancafe.

| Daum Cafe

This is perhaps one of the most meaningful fan projects for MAMAMOO ever. The growth of this forest over the years pretty much accurately mirrors the eventual growth of MAMAMOO into one of the most prominent names in the industry today.

Source: Naver