Fans Told They Would React To BTS Videos On Ellen Show, They Instead React To Something Even Better…

BTS surprised their American fans at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, giving them the thrill of their lifetime!

At The Ellen DeGeneres Show, groups of fans were taken backstage and were told that they were filming fan reactions to BTS’s performance.

As usual, however, Ellen had something up her sleeve and that wasn’t the actual plan at all…

It turns out that the BTS members were hiding behind makeshift sliding doors to surprise their fans.

The doors were open for a very short period, and fans were able to see BTS in person!

The fans, who had no idea what was going to happen, were so surprised and happy to see BTS…

… that one of them almost ran and hugged Jin out of joy, surprising Jin.

Some ARMYs were so bothered that she walked up to BTS  that she was forced to leave a comment explaining what actually happened.

She also uploaded her account of meeting BTS on her Youtube channel.

Check out the entire prank below: