Fans worry over EXO D.O.’s condition after seeing skin irritation

With constant schedules and busy events to attend, EXO‘s D.O. has been showing signs of fatigue in the form of skin irritation and acne.

On the 3rd, EXO fans swarmed over a post that was made on a Korean online forum called Instiz where a fellow fan uploaded fan-taken photos of EXO’s D.O. from that same day.

In the photos, the idol star is seen with no make-up on while being partially covered by a surgical mask on his face. Due to the bare exposure of his skin from not wearing any foundation, many fans were quick to notice some darkened scars as well as bright red acne spots that were peeping out from underneath the mask.

Fan-taken photo of EXO's D.O at the airport with irritated skin and harsh acne. / OXO_th via INSTIZ
Fan-taken photo of EXO’s D.O at the airport with irritated skin and harsh acne. / OXO_th via INSTIZ

Since D.O. usually has smooth, clear skin aside from the few tiny red bumps that disappear just as quickly as they appear, many fans have begun to worry how exhausted and drained the EXO member must actually feel to be physically displaying such harsh skin conditions that he normally doesn’t show, as shown below.
EXO D.O. at airport showing fairly clean skin. / AsiaToday
EXO’s D.O. with clear, smooth skin with no make-up on / Sports Chosun
EXO D.O. at airport showing near-flawless skin without make-up. / AsiaToday

What are your thoughts on EXO’s busy scheduling?

Source: Instiz