Label Fantagio Responds To Rumors Alleging ASTRO’s Rocky Has Halted Promotions

The rumors were reportedly started by a brand the group is an ambassador for.

ASTRO‘s label Fantagio responded to rumors alleging group member Rocky has halted promotions.

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On November 24, Fantagio released a statement denying the rumors.

We apologize to AROHAs who were hurt by rumors surrounding our label’s artist Rocky. Rumors regarding Rocky’s hiatus are all false.

— Fantagio

Fantagio then revealed that they had never discussed Rocky taking a hiatus and asked for an apology from the brand that first started the rumor.

We have never brought up Rocky taking a hiatus. We have expressed our objection and asked for a formal apology and a statement clarifying the rumors from the brand that first started the rumor. However, we felt we could no longer wait (for the brand), so we are releasing this official statement. Due to this, we apologize for our late statement. We will do our best to protect our artists.

— Fantagio

Rumors of ASTRO’s Rocky taking a hiatus first began when a brand that the group is an ambassador for sent a private message to an event winner. In the private message, the brand claimed that due to member MJ‘s military duties and Rocky recently stopping promotions, the winner would receive only four autographs.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Maeil Kyungjae and Wikitree