(★BREAKING) Female Live-Streamer Dies By Suicide With Her Dog While Fans Watch

A female broadcast jockey died by suicide after she jumped from her window with her dog in front of a live broadcast audience.

A female broadcast jockey (BJ) who was best known as “BJ Dark” died by suicide while broadcasting live on her channel. During one of her broadcast, she began expressing her desire to end her life.

Mid-broadcast, she picked up her dog and jumped out of her window, which was on the 8th floor of an apartment complex in Busan. The rescue team arrived and immediately transferred her to a hospital but she passed away within the hour.

It’s been reported that she had been suffering from severe depression as she just recently divorced her husband. She had even revealed during a live broadcast just 2-days ago that she will end her life.

“I don’t want to live anymore. I’m going to kill myself in 2 days.”

— BJ Dark

She had also been looking for someone to take care of her dog.

Even during the day of her final broadcast, she revealed her suicidal thoughts to her audience, hoping that she could find solace and compassion. Instead, she was faced with more hate comments as one user even dared her to jump.

“Then jump, why don’t you?”

— Malicious Netizen

After news of her death spread online, various BJs and viewers gathered to set up a proper funeral for the late BJ Dark.

Her memorial can be found at the Sooyoung Nara Hospital in Busan.

The police are currently investigating BJ Dark’s previous broadcasts and the current events to find out the detailed cause of her suicide.

Source: Jemin Ilbo, No Cut News and DC Inside