Filipino BLACKPINK Fans Call Out Local Fansite For “Dropping Lisa” Due To Issues With Birthday Cake Project

They trended “PH SCAMMER.”

Filipino fans of YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK have taken to Twitter to express anger at a large local fansite for the way they handled Lisa‘s birthday cake project. They trended “NAKAKAHIYA KAYO” (“You are embarrassing,”) “LISA DESERVES BETTER,” and “PH SCAMMER.”

The “Pink Venom” singers are scheduled to hold a two-day concert in Bulacan on March 25 and 26, with the Thai dancer’s birthday falling the day after. Whenever a member celebrates her birthday on a concert day, local fanbases gift the member a grand cake. Filipinos have taken issue with the way a local fansite has handled the preparation of Lisa’s cake.

Last night, @TeamLisaPH called out OT4 (all members) fansite @BLACKPINK_PH for sending a final cake design to Live Nation PH without receiving the consent of “everyone” involved. The latter allegedly did not inform the other fansites about their decision.

This alarmed BLINKs from the Philippines and all over the world, many calling for action from @BLACKPINK_PH.

In response, @BLACKPINK_PH argued that they provided @TeamLisaPH and @LoveLISA_PH with a deadline for the cake design, which they were “unable to meet as their admins were out of town.

They claimed to have submitted a revised proposal sans the cake design to the management, promising to submit it on Monday. They added that @TeamLisaPH and @LoveLISA_PH still did not send the revised design by Monday evening.


In a follow up tweet, they mentioned that the revised cake design they ended up submitting was in line with the feedback they received from the organizer.


Their goal was to have the design approved, which is why they opted to play safe by only sending a design with three layers and removing the layer with the film strip.

We have checked thoroughly the cakes from the other members which were approved so we will have a basis on what can be potentially approved by YG. Our main goal here is for Lisa to have a birthday cake hours before her birthday. Thus, we have strictly implemented a 3-tier cake because as you can see [the cakes of] all three members that were brought on stage [had] this size.



Ultimately, they announced that they have decided to completely drop the project, pushing forward with only the distribution of hand banners. They informed @TeamLisaPH that they are now in charge of the cake for Lisa’s birthday.


The fansite that originally brought up the issue, @TeamLisaPH, responded that many points were “wrongly addressed,” and they called out @BLACKPINK_PH for “dropping Lisa” knowing that YG Entertainment does not work with solo fansites like them—the entire reason why they needed to collaborate in the first place.

Filipino fans were furious that the OT4 fansite did not exert more effort in managing the conflict.

They asserted that there wouldn’t have been any issue to begin with if there was clearer communication and transparency.

Other BLINKs were most upset that they did not prioritize Lisa’s cake, adding that the admins were being “unprofessional” and “embarrassing.”

Furthermore, an alleged screenshot of @BLACKPINK_PH‘s budget allocation was shared online, and fans took offense after seeing that the allotted budget for Lisa’s birthday cake was only PHP 5,000 (around $90 USD). They were furious that it cost the same amount as volunteer expenses, and they argued that at that price point, the cake would not be grand.

Finally, BLINKs were upset that the original design of @TeamLisaPH, which they described as meaningful and fun, was altered.

The parties in question have yet to reach an understanding.