First Generation K-Pop Idol Decides To Get Plastic Surgery After An Unexpected Accident

He turned the accident into an opportunity.

Recently, it was revealed that a member of the first-generation hip-hop group 1TYM plans to undergo surgery after getting into an unexpected accident.

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On October 5, former 1TYM member Song Baekkyung posted on his Instagram, along with a photo, stating, “I fell off my bike while riding at night.” In the revealed photo, his face, including the area around his eyes, was swollen and bruised from the accident.

Song Baekkyung | @supafunkboy/Instagram

He revealed the seriousness of his injuries, stating that he had a maxillary bone fracture with fractures in three rib bones and a broken right wrist. He further expressed that it was difficult to breathe because of his injuries.

Last night, it was difficult to breathe because of the rib fractures, and I couldn’t even sleep. The photo was taken yesterday, and today the side of the face with the broken bone is swollen.

— Song Baekkyung


Fans expressed their concern, commenting, “Stray strong,” “I’m so worried,” and “Get well after the surgery,” showing their caring sentiments. However, he reassured his fans and mentioned his plans to turn this into a chance to undergo facial plastic surgery when he returns from a business trip in Japan next week.

This is a chance for me to be born again with new eyes, nose, forehead, and everything. I’m okay. I’m alive.

— Song Baekkyung


1TYM debuted in 1999 through YG Entertainment. Known for hit songs like “1TYM,” “One Love,” “Kwaejina Ching Ching,” and more, 1TYM was immensely popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. Teddy, the CEO of THE BLACK LABEL and songwriter for many of BLACKPINK‘s songs, was also a member of 1TYM.

1TYM members | YG Entertainment

After a hiatus from group activities since 2006, Song Baekkyung has appeared on various entertainment programs, and in 2019, he started voice acting as a freelance voice actor for KBS.

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