FNC Entertainment announces first female trainee from Canadian academy

FNC Entertainment has just released details about their first official female trainee who will come out of their Canadian trainee academy that was previously set up to unearth foreign talent.

Created earlier this year, FNC Academy: Global Training Center was set up in Canada in hopes of preparing young individuals age 15 or older who are interested in K-Pop and entering the industry. FNC Academy is a subsidiary of FNC Entertainment and offers dance and vocal training in order to better equip these young hopefuls with a shot at becoming a trainee at one of their partnering firms which include big names such as YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Loen Entertainment, and Starship Entertainment. The academy is built on similar training centers which FNC Entertainment has set up in different cities across South Korea.

At the end of FNC Entertainment’s informal Foreign Talent audition on October 21st, they accepted their first official female trainee from the training center. Amanda Liu received her opportunity as a result of the dance and vocal training she received at the academy. Brought up in both English and Chinese, Amanda is fluent in both languages and has been attending Korean classes through FNC’s program. FNC Global Center stated “Born with talent, she is the first to be brought out of this new training technique so anticipate a new type of Hallyu star.”

Although there are no official released photos, are you looking forward to what Amanda Liu will bring to the entertainment industry?

Source: ETO News