Foreigners Dissed WINNER’s Korean Pronunciation On TV Show, Fans Are Fuming

This spin-off show is under fire for airing some harsh comments about WINNER.

Cipara Market is a spin-off of the Doremi Market corner on the TV program Amazing Saturday. On both shows, guests listen to K-Pop and try to write down the lyrics correctly for a chance to win prizes.


On the second episode of Cipara Market, foreign TV personalities Tyler Rasch, Sam Okyere, Sayuri Fujita, and Robin Deiana listened to WINNER‘s “Everyday” and guessed the lyrics to one of the verses.


When the four could not guess the last bits and pieces of the lyrics, they grew frustrated.

After discussing possibilities among themselves, the four decided on a word to fill the last blank.


It wasn’t until the actual lyrics were revealed and the four reacted with such shock that WINNER fans found the video uncomfortable.

“These guys have worse pronunciations than I do.” — Robin Deiana

“They are really bad at pronunciations.” — Tyler Rasch

“I can pronounce better… I can’t believe it’s ‘oneul (오늘, today)’.” — Sayuri Fujita 

“I’m sorry, but can these guys sign up at a Korean language school?” — Sam Okyere


WINNER fans have grown furious at these comments.

  • “I hated listening to them talk. I wish I never watched this video.”

  • “Wow, how rude. I mean, I get you don’t hear all the words. But telling them to go to a language school is…”

  • “Or, you all can work on your hearing.”

  • “Um, I’m sorry but I didn’t understand a word these guys said either. I had to read the captions. Who do they think they are?”

  • “How can you say y’all have better pronunciation than native Koreans? I’ve almost enjoyed the game part but the remarks at the end are very uncalled for. I admire you for learning a language aside from your own but please be mindful of the words coming from your mouth. Learning a thing or two about a language doesn’t give you the right to criticize a native speaker.”


This isn’t the first time Cipara Market guests have mentioned “pronunciations” while listening to K-Pop though. The show has covered various K-Pop hit songs from artists like WINNER and TWICE, along with MOMOLAND and BTS. For an episode on TWICE’s “What is Love?”, Sam Okyere begged for clear pronunciations.

“TWICE, can you please pronounce the words clearly?” — Sam Okyere


Other viewers didn’t think it’s that big of a deal. They even agreed that some K-Pop artists have questionable pronunciations and the whole struggle is relatable, foreigner or not.

  • “I’m Korean and I don’t know what they’re saying. Some idols do have bad pronunciations.”

  • “LMAO. He told TWICE to pronounce words clearly.”

  • “Unless you’re interested in K-Pop and know a lot about it, nothing they say would register.”

  • “This is hilarious… especially because I can’t hear a thing either.”

  • “LOL, they’re so cute.”


Here’s the full video of the WINNER episode of Cipara Market.