Former 4Minute Member Jiyoon Talks About Possibility Of A 4Minute Reunion

“If everyone was still doing singing activities, I think we could probably get back together…”

The 4Minute members, who disbanded in June 2016 after releasing numerous hits, have since been focusing on their acting or solo activities.


Despite their busy schedules, Jiyoon revealed that the members still keep in touch and their relationship is still going strong.

“We share worries we may have. I told them that this was my first interview and they encouraged me to do as I always do. I’ve released quite a few singles and each time, I have the members listen to them. They don’t ramble on with their feedback, they make it short. There’s not much feedback except for ‘Sounds good this time too.’ If we have time, we have a meal together and even go hiking sometimes too.” ㅡ Jiyoon


And although it may seem hopeful that the 4Minute members could possibly have a reunion since they all keep in touch, Jiyoon stated honestly that a reunion may be difficult.

“If everyone was still doing singing activities, I think we could probably get back together but there are so many members that have moved into acting so I think it would be difficult. Doing both (acting and singing activities) seems very difficult. There’s a lot of tension and if you can’t find the right feeling, I felt like it would be difficult. If I were to compare it to light, I’d say (4Minute’s reunion) is not exactly bright.” ㅡ Jiyoon


On the bright side, Jiyoon also stated that since 4Minute’s disbandment, she is now able to work on the music she has always wanted to do.

“[When I was a 4Minute member] I wasn’t able to do the music I wanted to do. At the time, 4Minute had their own colors so we had to match the image and because I wasn’t doing it alone, we had to consider the colors of each member as well. I wasn’t able to freely do what I really wanted to do. Because of the thirst I had at the time, I am quenching that thirst now.” ㅡ Jiyoon



Source: MBN TV and Star Today