Former AOA Member Mina Worries Fans With Caption Calling Out A “Murderer”

They’re leaving supportive comments on her post.

Former AOA member Mina posted a photo on her Instagram account on December 1.

While her picture showed her smiling sweetly, the caption was much darker. Written in all English, she seemed to be calling out someone supported by many people.

I hope you’ll see things you didn’t see someday.
The murderer is supported by a large number of people.
And if you’re a human being, you’d like you to feel guilty about this.
I hope this year ends soon.

Fans were speculating what Mina meant by “the murderer is supported by a large number of people.” They worry that the “murderer” is the group of netizens who cyberbully idols.

Fans are scared that she may have been on the receiving end of malicious comments. They began leaving supportive messages on her post to encourage her to stay strong.

AOA’s Jimin also recently posted a worrying message on her Instagram following a bombardment of hate comments.

Fans Believe AOA Jimin’s Latest IG Story Update May Be A Cry For Help Against Haters

Mina left AOA on May 2019 after deciding not to renew her contract with FNC Entertainment.