Former Popular Girl Group Member Sued After 600 Million Won in Unpaid Loans

She owes over half a million dollars.

A former girl group member of a popular group that debuted in the 1990’s known as “Ms. K” (37) has been sued by 2 people after it was revealed they have not been repaid a total of 600 million KRW ($531,815 USD).


An American lawyer only identified as “Park” revealed that they loaned Ms. K 350 million KRW for her to use at the Paradise Walker Hill Casino in June of 2018.


The second person, only identified as “Oh” revealed that they had lent Ms. K 250 million KRW and has not been repaid yet. “Oh” did not mention when the money was lent.


It is believed that Ms. K is a foreigner. Gambling is forbidden for Koreans within the country, except for in one casino, Kangwon Land, on the east side of the country, hours away from Seoul.

Source: TV Report