Former GLAM leader Jiyeon drops emotional rap about Lee Byung Hun scandal on “SMTM4”

Former GLAM leader Park Jiyeon was revealed to have taken part of Show Me The Money 4‘s recent auditions, shocking everyone by rapping about Lee Byung Hun’s blackmail scandal.

The first episode of the highly anticipated MC survival series Show Me The Money 4 finally aired on Mnet on June 26th and revealed Jiyeon as one of the auditioners.

In an interview, she introduced herself saying, “Hello, I am GLAM’s leader Jiyeon. [GLAM] was the group named as ‘blackmail’ idols in articles. GLAM disbanded after that event occurred. So to earn money, I had part-time jobs at a restaurant and cafe. But I can’t give up. I want to continue pursuing music with rap, it’s challenging.”

Shortly after, the scene changed to her rapping audition when judge San E, who was screening auditioners, approached her. To everyone’s surprise, she raps on the topic of Lee Byung Hun and his blackmail scandal.

Unleashing her frustration as a GLAM member, their state of mind, and the challenges they faced at the time during the blackmail scandal, she was unfortunately eliminated from continuing on in the show by San E who stated while he was impressed by her rap including a personal story, she still lacked that 1%.

In September 2014, Lee Byung Hun raised charges against former GLAM member Dahee and her model friend Lee Jiyeon after the two attempted to blackmail the Hollywood actor for 5 billion won, or approximately 4.5 million U.S dollars. In January 2015, the two female celebrities were charged guilty for blackmailing.

With the Big Hit Entertainment and Sauce Music girl group’s contract expiration at the end of 2014, it was officially reported that GLAM (2012) had disbanded after three years together with each members going their own way following Dahee’s jail time sentence.

Source: Daily Sports