Former Idol Member Claimed His Own Group Members “Blocked His Future”

“It was not easy for me to speak the truth.”

On May 23, 2019, former U-KISS member AJ (who now goes by Siyoon) finally addressed something that fans have been curious about for almost three years: Why did he leave NH Media and cut off all communication with his former U-KISS members back in 2016? Responding to a fan’s question through his Instagram story, he posed a question:

In another post he chose to break his “painful” silence even further. Instead of talking as an “idol,” he made things a little more relatable to fans by referring to himself simply as an employee of a company.

In Siyoon’s story of the employee, he claims that his coworkers, the other U-KISS members, were actually the ones to blame for his long hiatus. He mentions that he left the company at one point, due to his hard work being neglected (possibly referring to the time he spent studying at Columbia University). According to Siyoon, when he apologized and returned to the group, his members were “irrational” and didn’t allow him back into the group; instead they forced him to wait out the remainder of his contract from the sidelines.

He ended his letter asking fans to refrain from asking about his group members, as it’s a painful subject for him, but fans have been flooding his recent Instagram posts with further comments and questions. While many are confused about his detailed yet vague “explanation,” Siyoon’s loyal fans still support him and wish him the best for the future.