Former Korean Air VP Cho Hyuna receives one year prison sentence

A prison sentence has been granted for former Korean Air Vice President Cho Hyuna for her “macadamia nuts” incident last year. 

According to Jose Ilbo on February 12th, Cho Hyuna was sentenced to prison, including labor, for one year after she was found guilty of violating the aviation law, along with other charges such as coercion and interference in the execution of duty.

The judge who gave her the verdict following the trial stated that, “This incident laid people’s dignity, worth and self-respect at its knee with money. If the person had any respect for others she would not have treated them like slaves and if she was even slightly conscious of others public this incident would not have happened.” 

Cho Hyuna, the eldest daughter of Korean Air CEO Cho Yang Ho, tendered her resignation back in December after receiving criticisms and outrage for her “macadamia nuts” incident on board one of Korean Air’s flights.