Former LABOUM Member Yulhee Claps Back At A Netizen Criticizing Her For Not “Dressing Like A Mom”

On this day, Yulhee woke up and chose savagery.

Former LABOUM member Yulhee is getting praised for viciously clapping back at a netizen who criticized her for not “dressing like a mother.”

Yulhee | @yul._.hee/Instagram

On November 28, Yulhee uploaded a picture with her friends. In the picture, Yulhee can be seen enjoying her birthday with her friends.

Yulhee was wearing a gray knit sweater and black shorts with stockings and boots. Yulhee’s fans and friends all congratulated the idol and praised her beauty.

One fan, however, criticized the idol for not “dressing like a mom.”

Excuse me, I am sorry, but if you’re a mom, you should dress like one.

— Netizen

Yulhee responded to the comment with savagery, stating the netizen was way out of line.

What does it even mean to dress like a mom, and why the hell are you acting like a fool here? It’s my decision if I want to dress pretty ㅗ.

— Yulhee

Netizens overwhelmingly approved Yulhee’s clap back, with many stating that the netizen’s comments were way out of bounds.

  • “But seriously, what does it even mean to dress like a mom? How are you supposed to dress?”
  • “Alpha-female, LOL.”
  • “If you know you’re wrong, then you should shut up.”
  • “LOL, good.”
  • “That was refreshing.”
  • “I mean, what does it even mean to (dress) like a mother?”

Yulhee debuted with LABOUM in 2014 before announcing her marriage to FTISLAND member Choi Minhwan in 2018. Yulhee gave birth that year and would give birth to the couple’s second and third child in 2020.

Yulhee (left) and Minhwan (right) | @yul._.hee/Instagram

Source: Wikitree and Theqoo