Former Produce X 101 Contestant Kang Hyeon Su’s Father Posts Message Regarding Recent Mnet Controversies

His dad wishes the best of luck to the members.

In light of the recent Mnet and Produce X 101 controversies, the father of former Produce X 101 contestant, Kang Hyeon Su, posted a message online.


Hello, this is former Produce X 101 contestant Kang Hyeon Su’s father. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post. It makes me remember the time my son was on the show. I’ve seen the recent controversies regarding X1, and my heart truly aches to see my son’s colleagues go through such a hard time. I mean, what do the kids know? The adults are at fault with this.





He explains that idols go through many hardships, including his son. He also updates fans on Kang Hyeon Su appearing on a different project program.

I’ve gone through a lot of hardships since my son debuted at 18, but a lot of the kids on the show are probably going through something like this for the first time. My heart truly aches for the kids going through a hard time right now. My son is currently appearing on the Japanese Korean idol project program G-EGG! Hopefully, this will be his last time?





He believes that disbandment of the group would not be the best decision and hopes that the adults will not ruin the member’s careers.

Anyway, although the adults are at fault with this, I don’t think it’s right that they are trying to disband the group…it is the kid’s careers at stake here. All the members have talent and charisma. Disbandment will bring about more controversies! I know that all the other members that didn’t make it will also succeed because they are all in the hearts of the fans. Adults who break the law must be punished! The legal department will make the right decision regarding this. Fans who fight for injustice are the most reasonable people. I hope you will understand the results of the investigation.




He ends the post by showing his love to the fans and wishes the best for all the member on the show.

I am writing this post after hearing that the police will announce the investigation results tomorrow. I hope the best for all the X1 members and everyone who competed on Produce X 101 after the investigation is over. I want to say I love you to all the Produce X 101 fans. I’m sorry for posting so late at night.



Producer Ahn Joon Young admitted to manipulating the rankings for Produce 48 and Produce X 101, allowing certrain agency’s trainees to debut.

The police are also reportedly summoning trainees from the show for questioning.

Source: naver blog